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Kaytlin was a teacher at one point, but knew she had more to offer. Like so many of us, her first career choice was not what would bring her fulfillment.

Now Kaytlin is an intuitive coach and she can help YOU find what you were put her on earth to do. She also helps people who have had a major loss in their lives use that pain to help move them forward. Everyone is here on purpose, she helps you find that purpose.

Kaytlin uses numerology, learned through Pythagoras, as a basis to find your purpose. Numbers have energy and she uses three different methods to find your birth path.

Would you like to find your master soul number​?

Would you like to play bigger in your life?

Kaytlin can help you!​

Contact Information

Website: epochedgecoaching.com

email - ks@epochedgecoaching.com

828-243-9973 cell

828-681-5110 office

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About the Author

Author of Amazon #1 Bestseller "The Reverse Interview" and Patent Holder of the anti-shoplifting tag you've seen for over 30 years in Department stores