005 Shoya Zichy – Your Color Coded Career Maps

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Shoya Zichy has written several books about her guidance System for helping you find what work you should be doing and even who your boss should be!

From international banking star to lady in waiting and painter, Shoya has done a lot of amazing things, and always found how to use her experiences to not only further her own career, but to help you with yours too.

She’s pioneered a color coding system that works in careers, management and even dating systems.

She’ll explain everything in a lot more detail… here’s Shoya Zichy

Contact Information

Website:Color Q Personalities

Email: zichy@earthlink.net

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About the Author

Author of Amazon #1 Bestseller "The Reverse Interview" and Patent Holder of the anti-shoplifting tag you've seen for over 30 years in Department stores