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And I really like listening to Ann DiDomenico…

She’s been and friend, mentor and role model for me for several years now.

Virtually every area of my life has been touched by following Anne’s philosophies that she has learned from other masters.

While I’m far from perfect, I’m much happier now. I have techniques for letting my fears take a back seat in my journey through life… they’re always there, but they don’t grab the steering wheel nearly as often as they used to.

I’ve been married for over 20 years, and while I know my wife has always loved me, I can tell that she actually likes me again… same with my children.

In this interview, Anne will share some of her experiences in working with people who have lost their jobs and the “shift” she saw in them that allowed them to accept themselves and their talents. That “Shift” helped them to find not only a new job, but a realization of how much worth they have.

You are not your job.

You are MUCH more than that.

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Website: Access Joy in Your Life

Email: anne@emergeconsultingllc.com

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Author of Amazon #1 Bestseller "The Reverse Interview" and Patent Holder of the anti-shoplifting tag you've seen for over 30 years in Department stores