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My dad picked up a hitchhiker in the early 70’s, a kid on his way to the guitar store to sell his guitar. My dad pulled over gave the kid the same $30 the store was going to pay him and gave him a ride back home. He figured if the store was going to give him 30 bucks it had to be worth at least that much. Dad gave me the guitar around Christmas of 1984 and that guitar has been one of my favorite things ever since…

What is your favorite thing?

Jonathan Milligan might be able to help you find it and what to avoid. Jonathan was a teacher, headhunter and now a blogger and writer.

Listen to his green/yellow/red light system to help put more of the things you enjoy doing into every day and less of the things that drain you.

He’ll also share a method to help you find your “core gifts”, as well as his L.I.F.E philosophy to filter opportunities and activities to make sure they are in agreement with his purpose.

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Author of Amazon #1 Bestseller "The Reverse Interview" and Patent Holder of the anti-shoplifting tag you've seen for over 30 years in Department stores