Is the Job Search System Broken?

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I think it is, but I'll let you decide once you know some of the inside facts.

From the Employers Perspective

Companies want to grow and in order to grow, most companies need to hire more people. Right?

However, companies are having trouble finding good people to hire. According to this WSJ article: it's the fault of the employers themselves; "With an abundance of workers to choose from, employers are demanding more of job candidates than ever before."

​The article goes on to claim that 52% of employers are having difficulty finding qualified candidates at the salaries that they're willing to pay.

Let me boil it down this way. Companies are very risk averse. Hiring any new employee is a risk. Some employee turn out to be very valuable and other turn out to be a huge drain.

To mitigate risk​, it's best to know as much as you can about a candidate before hiring them. Huge investments of time and effort are made in vetting potential hires.

It's usually easier to hire someone you already know or who is a friend of a current employee.

It's like dating and looking for a spouse. Marriage proposals are not a good idea on the first date, and neither is a job offer on the first interview.

However, if your date or candidate has already passed the "friend" or "employee" test, then your batting average of finding a compatible partner is greatly increased.

That's one reason why most employers only advertise the jobs they can't fill otherwise.​ Many estimates claim that only about 20% of all job openings are advertised.

From the Job Searchers Perspective

Let's just ignore the unemployment rates for right now. They don't really reflect a major issue that many people have given up even looking for a job.

Why have job seekers given up?

It's hard to keep going when nothing you do seems to work.

What are they doing?

The vast majority place a priority on putting their resumes on job boards, and then waiting for the phone to ring. Others respond to want ads online or a few desperate people visit establishments in hope of getting a sympathetic ear.​

The problem with these tactics is that the majority of people are going after a minority of jobs while ignoring the 80% of jobs that are never advertised. Then when this doesn't work (because it's all they know how to do) they give up.


The job then reverts back to the candidate to figure out HOW to be on the "inside" when a job becomes available. They need to figure out how to be the "friend" of a friend that knows of an opening.

Networking, social media, schmoozing.​.. not everyone's cup of tea, but it boils down to who you know. Or more importantly, who knows YOU.

That's where The Reverse Interview System come into play. Instead of trying to schmooze everyone, you only need to set up some mutually beneficial meeting with the RIGHT people​.

Most people give up because they don't know what else to try. This is NOT for everyone, but it works miracles for those willing to give it a try!​

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