Is Your Career Half Empty?

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It's the age old question about how you see your glass. Is it half full or half empty. It's also a question to see if your career is half empty or half full.

That's only a snapshot of how it appears right now though. I think there are some much more empowering questions that should be asked to get a clearer picture.

How did it get to be this way?

Is the glass half empty because you never went to the effort to fill it in the first place?​

Did you never go to college? Do you not read books to stay on top of your game? Did you get complacent or comfortable and got stuck before you reached your full potential?

Those are perhaps some "half full" reasons for your career.​

Or perhaps the glass used to be full, but you let it sit there until it evaporated.

Did you used to be an achiever and then let things start to backslide? Maybe you lost interest in your profession and the industry started to pass you by. Why did you let that happen?

Where was it a year ago?

Maybe the glass was completely empty a year ago. You are now filling it as quickly as you can. The glass being half full would be a sign of progress with a clear path.

You are learning, growing and applying your experience and knowledge and moving forward.​

​Perhaps the glass is exactly where it was one year ago. You are doing just enough to keep it where it is. You keep replenishing it just enough to keep from backsliding.

Or maybe last year it was full and the glass is now half empty. This is a sign of moving in a downward direction.​

Are you ready to make a change?​

What it looks like right now is NOT important!

What IS important is where you want it to be today, tomorrow or next year. Do you have a plan?

Do you want to fill your glass?

Are you happy with it being half full/empty?

​Unlike a glass, there is always more room to get better at your job, to get promoted, to find new ways to be happier and more fulfilled in your career.

Do you have the tools the interest and the drive to make it happen?​

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