Is Your Your Job and Career Information Safe?

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You keep all of your sensitive career information on your computer safe, right? You have password protection in place to keep prying eyes away, right?

Would you like to learn how to put all of your special filed under an extra layer of protection? Something that is not only easy, but free?

Here's what I've been using for years.

It's called SafeHouse Explorer. ​

It works very similarly to your normal "windows explorer" but it has an extra layer of password protection. Once a special file that you've created as been protected, you can only access it via the SafeHouse Explorer program.

Once unlocked, the special file is just like any other file/folder on your computer.

What about USB drives?

That's the real kicker here.

Even though you may be reasonably careful with your hard drive in your computer, what if you need the portability of a USB drive?​


Use this SafeHouse software on your USB drive too! It will create a safe place on the drive to protect it even if your drive is lost or stolen.​

Of course, you are not limited to just your career information.

You can use this for anything else that needs to be secured. You could have information about your business, your finances, pictures of your family... anything you can save on a computer or drive can also be protected this way.

Do you have any other tools that you use?

Let me know in the comments below.​

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