What if you could outperform every other candidate for that perfect job you want?

"This Can
Open More Doors
Than You Can
Possibly Handle
In One Lifetime"

Phil Ammendolia
(VP Marketing, LS2 Helmets)

This book helps ambitious job seekers get interviews with virtually any company they pick without being ignored or rejected

"One word to describe this book...'Disruptive'."

Now, It Gets Fun...

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    Discover How to make ANYONE anxious to interview with YOU, without getting ignored, rejected or ghosted!
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    Find out how to become the TOP choice after your interview even if you aren't the most qualified on paper.
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    Then discover how to find 5 Times the job opportunities in the “Hidden” job market and stop competing with 95% of the job applicants.

Stop competing with the 300-400 people that applied for the same position you wanted...

Who Is Charles Woolsey?

H​ow Is "The Reverse Interview" Different?

I took an unscientific, gray area of how to get interviews and turned it into a precise, "done for you" method with proven and repeatable results. While others use guesswork, volume and pestering managers for a "chance"... you'll understand what truly motivates EVERY manager and how to speak to them so that they will listen and LOVE what you have to say... all done with the laser guided precision only an engineer can deliver!

Over nearly four decades, I've had the privilege of working with hundreds of the top companies in America. The would call me in when they had difficult problems to solve... and bought nearly $200,000,000 worth of products from me in the process. 

Get Access To 5 Times More Job Openings

Than On ALL The Job Boards Combined!

I've had the opportunity to meet and be mentored by some really cool people over the years too. I believe we should always be open to learning and eager to seek out those people that can make our journey smoother and faster.

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