Meet Charles

Getting Started

I was born and raised in the Atlanta Georgia area. I had the very good fortune to be raised in a very loving family with my Mom, Dad and two sisters. We didn't have a lot, be we had everything that we needed.

Things were so much simpler then. No video games. Four channels on the TV, which was black and white until I was in my teens. I was much happier outside exploring the woods, building tree houses or riding my sister's bike (which she had no idea about).

I loved to tinker, create and build. Sometimes I would take things apart to see what made them work, and maybe find a way to make them even better at what they do. Little did I know, that that curiosity and eagerness to learn and help others would become my gift.

Outdoor Life

I spent most of my spare time with my Dad as we camped, canoed, kayaked and went climbing and caving. I felt like I grew up in a tent at night and a kayak during the day. We went all over the southeast to find whitewater to paddle, and twice went out west to hit the really big rivers.

My first "real" job was as a whitewater raft guide when I was fourteen years old. I helped take rafts with three to five passengers down the Chattooga river (where Deliverance was filmed) just about every weekend.

I was navigating people through turbulent and dangerous waters with ease, because I had been there before. I had mastered my fear, honed my skills and was anxious to help others do the same.


I was good in math and couldn't afford to go out of state to college, so I decided to go to Georgia Tech and become an engineer (even though I wasn't exactly sure what an engineer was). It was close to home and affordable, so why not?

I studied Electrical Engineering and received my bachelor's degree in 1981.

This training, more that anything else, taught me how to look at any situation and ask the right questions.

Is it working?

Could it work better?

What would it take to improve this?


For my first job out of college, I designed anti-shoplifting equipment. The picture to the left is a system that was most often seen in Blockbuster Video stores. Here I am walking through the system to document how well the system worked.

I am also the designer of the white security tag you see hanging on clothes in department stores. Over the past several decades, I estimate the company has made and sold more than 1,000,000,000 of those tags.

To the right is the inside of an early prototype tag.


I hit the road for about ten years calling on scientists and engineers. I helped NASA, Ford, IBM, Doctors, chicken farmers and everyone in-between. I loved seeing how products were designed, tested, manufactured and contributing my part to the process.

There is (almost) always a method used routinely in another industry that can solve the problem YOU have, IF you have the breadth of knowledge and experience to find it.

By finding unique solutions to difficult problems, I was responsible for over $200 million in sales over my career. Plus, I had the added pleasure of building over a dozen new leaders within the company.


I was not a great student. I did not have a GPA to brag about. Therefore, companies didn't exactly come flocking to me with interview requests and job offers. I had more inside of me than those companies (or even I) realized, but my grades didn't reflect my potential.

There are countless new grads facing that same obstacle every day... how to stand out even with average grades.

I decided to take all I learned over my years of solving BIG problems to tackle this one: how to help people attract the right employers that can maximize their career potential, success and fulfillment. I found amazing techniques being used in other industries that almost no one was using in the career area.

That's why I wrote "The Reverse Interview". It helps people help themselves get the best job possible.


I started to Podcast primarily to be able to meet the best thought leaders in the career industry. I've interviewed coaches, authors, social media experts as well as many average people.

I've talked to presidential commendation recipients and people who have touched the lives of millions of people with their books, coaching and career advice.

They have all be very encouraging, not only to my audience, but to me personally. They've been very supportive of not only my book, but the way my training is helping people who need it most.

Reverse Interview System 2.0

This is the culmination of my life's work so far. Everything I've learned about how to solve problems, influence others, sell and conquer fear has been put into this exclusive system to help YOU get the job of your highest calling.

"The Reverse Interview" book explains "what" to do, but there was just so much more that needed to be explained in videos about exactly "how" to do it. In this interactive, dynamic medium, I can give so much more... AND keep it updated with the latest developments.

What if you knew what you wanted to do, and how to specifically target the right people at the right companies to land that job? What would that be worth to your future, your happiness and your future? It's worth taking a look to see if it's right for you.