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4 Great Reasons To Partner With Charles...


Get More Clients

I will help you get more clients by partnering with YOU to get my book to them... it virtually guarantees they will get interviews with any company they want to work for. Face it, once they have a great resume that you wrote, the next huge hurdle is getting interviews... I solve that issue for good, and it's actually FUN for them too! 


Be Of Greater Service To Your Clients

For every client (or prospect), you can offer my downloadable book to show them how to get more and better interviews at ANY company that they choose. I'll give you a special link so you can offer my bestselling book ($19.95 on Amazon) for only $1!  Why not completely free? Because we want them to be successful and when they pay, even a very small amount they're at least 10X more likely to take action!


Make More Money

If your clients choose to work with me and my program, you will earn 50% of what they invest in my program for their future. This is an investment that will pay your clients dividends forever for just one small fee. They can get a new job any time they are ready to up-level their career... and the we all benefit from their success. Want to Jump-start this book deal and make money faster? Use my pre-written email series to send to your past prospects and clients and they'll jump at this offer!



Best of all... I Do ALL The Additional Work

You get to provide the service(s) you do best and I'll take over the rest. Once your client has their resume in hand, they will be off to the races with the course I provide to them to get as many interviews as they want at the companies they choose. They are happier because they get the job, you're happier because you make more money and have successful clients. You get the credit, satisfaction AND a raise!

Judy Monaco - MonacoWriting.com

Legal and Executive​ ​​​​Resumes

When Charles reached out to me regarding marketing his course to my clients I was at first a bit skeptical. I was, however, intrigued by what he was offering and judged it to be potentially a very good fit with my business. After talking with him on the phone, I found him to be quite genuine and candid, and realized that his system might fill a valuable need for my clients. While I can't speak to the effectiveness of the course, I feel quite comfortable partnering with Charles on this endeavor, and see it as a no lose proposition - and hopefully it will be a win-win-win for my clients, myself and for him.

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*An Ex-Rocket Scientist ?
(in case you were wondering)

I was hired by Texas Instruments to work on the navigation systems for the Harm missile that they produced for the DOD (Department Of Defense)... Maybe not technically a "Rocket Scientist" but that's my story anyway :) 

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