How An Ex-Rocket Scientist Solved The
“Why Can’t I Get Job Interviews?”
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Get More Clients

I will help you get more of your traditional clients by being a credible third party advocate of yours... and by giving you something of value that you can offer them for free just for contacting you... Plus some incredible training if they purchase your service(s).


Be Of Greater Service To Your Clients

For every client, you can offer my online class to show them how to get more and better interviews at ANY company that they choose. This will not cost them or you ANY additional money... just a free service that can you offer your clients.


Make More Money

If your clients choose to work with me and my program, you will earn 50% of what they invest in their future. This is an investment that will pay your clients dividends forever for just one small fee. We all benefit from their success.



Best of all... I Do ALL The Additional Work

You get to provide the service(s) you do best and I'll take over the rest. Once your client has their resume in hand, they will be off to the races with the course I provide to them to get as many interviews as they want at the companies they choose.

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