Ex-Rocket Scientist Finds Solution
For Stressed Out Job Seekers!

 And The Answer Is Between Your Ears 

Stress Eraser Is The "Reset Button"

For Everything That Troubles You

Listen Anywhere

Copy the file onto any audio device and listen privately with headphones

Quick and Easy

Listening for only a few minutes per day can have dramatic results


Most people experience results in the first few days or weeks


High quality binaural recording is masked with beautiful nature sounds

Why Stress Eraser was created...

There are few experiences in life that can be more stressful than looking for a job. Especially now when there are so many people competing for the best jobs and the world seems to be in so much turmoil. Negative thoughts are easy to have and our minds are extremely good at taking things and making them worse. We tend to play these thoughts over and over and over...

Introducing 'Stress Eraser'... the best, quickest and easiest way to interrupt those negative thought patterns.

How it works...

Instead of practicing meditation for months (and even years) before getting proficient, this audio uses a completely different, and proven, technique. By using headphones we can introduce a different frequency into each ear. The difference between these two frequencies is called the 'beat' frequency.

For example, if we played 300 Hz into the left ear and 310 Hz in the right ear the brain would actually also hear the 'beat' frequency of 10 Hz (the difference between 300 and 310). This frequency does not actually exist, the brain creates this frequency.

The brain is able to do this by combining the left and right brain stimulus from the ears... and doing this actually creates new brain circuits... strengthening your cognitive abilities and disconnecting the old destructive thought patterns.

This 10 Hz frequency also induces an alpha brain state: the state of deep relaxation, super-learning and increased serotonin production!

All of this technology and brain entrainment is happening while being masked by pleasant sounds of nature.


Stress Eraser Download

Only $97

Why is the price so Low?

I know there are competitors that charge MUCH more than I do... and it's totally worth the extra money! This audio entrainment system works whether you understand or appreciate the science behind it or not.

There is a LOT of technology and engineering that goes into creating a quality product like this.

The difference is their audio files are their ONLY products and they have to charge a lot to offset their marketing. Plus, this is their primary source of revenue.

I'm doing this as service to help struggling job seekers and other stressed out people. I have the expertise and drive to pull this off... so I did 🙂