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I remember reading in a small magazine many years ago called "bits and pieces". In it was an article about a man who was up for a job promotions.

Also up for promotions was a much younger man.

The older man did not get the new job and confronted his manager about his decision. "How could you hire a younger guy with only three years of experience when I have twenty years of experience."

The manager calmly replied "you don't have twenty years of experience, you only have one year of experience twenty times."

That has stuck with me over the years. Am I constantly growing and learning or am I just repeating the same things over and over again. There have been several times over my career when I didn't like the answer to that question.

But there's more to it...​

I recently read an article by Michael Simmons about your #1 Predictor of Career Success. It reminded me of that old article I read more than thirty years ago.

Are you meeting new people outside of your normal circles or are you just getting deeper and deeper into the same rut of people who all know each other?

The more you associate with people like you, and people like the people you already know, the more you get ingrained with the same thoughts, beliefs and modes of operation.

The more you see the same things over and over, the more you believe that this is what the world looks like... the more you limit your possibilities... the more you stifle your creativity.

Are you currently in a job you love?

Are you making the kind of money you deserve or dream of?

Is it hard to imagine doing better than you are now?

Try doing something different!

Meet new people.

Read new books.

Go new places.

All of these things open your mind to a greater realm of possibility. You may go into things you've never thought possible, or maybe just apply what you find in other industries to the one you have now.

We are all born to be very creative, but over time when limit ourselves. Don't be one of those people that say "yeah, we tried that once and it didn't work." If it worked for someone else, it can work for you too. The more you see things happening in other areas the more positive and motivated you naturally become to experience them too.

It's your career.

No one cares more about it than you do. Meet new people in different industries with ​different world views and different ways of behaving.

Take the best of everything you learn... the things that work for you... in your own unique way.

That's a good way to become the best you. The best at your job. The one that moves their career forward in exciting ways.​

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